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Our Story

Since 1998

"Australia’s premium manufacturer of handmade gourmet finger foods"


Based in Sydney, we are manufactures of premium quality gourmet finger food. Our history of creating mouth-watering food started over 20 years ago with a vision to produce exceptional quality finger foods for the hotel industry.
As Australia’s premium manufacturer of handmade gourmet finger foods and hand held snack items, Cuisine Corp Australia client base now extends to all categories of the food service industry including – catering companies, convention centres, restaurants, cafés, government, sporting arenas, airlines, clubs, pubs, cinema entertainment, David Jones and hotels.

Hand Made

And High Quality

We have grown rapidly in the past 10 years and we believe that one of the key attributes to our growth has been our ability to mass produce a consistent, quality food product. As we have continually strived for high performance, high quality, and exceptional flavour profiling, we have never lost sight of the fact that we are a Hand Made Gourmet Finger Food company.


Point of difference

At a large scale

At a large scale

Our team has grown from an initial 3 staff member in 1998 to over 50 today.
We work hard to ensure that we are always producing the best possible products under the highest quality control procedures.
Our passion is creating superior quality products with a true point of difference.